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Oldhamstocks is a small village in South East Scotland in a lovely country setting but at the same time actually very well connected to major rail, road and air facilities.

Basically, it's very easy indeed to get here.

Distances and travelling times to major towns are as follows:

Edinburgh 30 miles / 35 minutes (road)
Glasgow 60 miles / 90 minutes (road)
Newcastle 60 miles / 90 minutes (road)
London 300 miles / 3.5 hours (rail)

From Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle international airports you can reach pretty much all parts of the UK, most of Europe and effectively the rest of the planet.

Please also see the links under Transport Links for further details.


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By road

From Edinburgh Airport:

Oldhamstocks is about 50 minutes (exactly 45 miles) east of Edinburgh along the Edinburgh City Bypass (A720) and then South towards Berwick upon Tweed down the A1. Take the A8 from the airport following signs to Edinburgh, then take the A720 City bypass south of the city heading East towards Berwick upon Tweed. Next take the A1 sign posted towards Berwick upon Tweed and drive towards Dunbar, staying on the A1 all the way. Do not leave the A1 and do not go into Dunbar. When you get close to Dunbar you will come to a roundabout and, 2 miles later, another roundabout. Go straight over both of these, staying on the A1 (still heading for Berwick upon Tweed) and carry on for a further 4.4 miles.

4.4 miles after you have passed the second Dunbar roundabout you will see Torness Power Station on the left hand side of the A1. Exactly 0.2 miles after this you will see a signpost to the right indicating 4 villages of which Oldhamstocks is one. Do not take this road. Carry straight on along the A1. Exactly 0.6 miles later, just after a speed camera, you will see another signpost to the right (away from the sea) indicating just Oldhamstocks (2 miles) by a small white farm house. This is your turning. Take it and follow the lane for exactly 1 mile (narrow, slow) under a railway bridge and uphill, past a farm until you come to a T junction. Turn right. Carry on for exactly another 1 mile, keeping on the main lane and not turning off at all (you'll pass a couple of roads off to the left and right), until you come to another T junction. Turn left. You're almost there - you have exactly 0.5 miles to go. You will start to descend a steep hill and you'll see the village of Oldhamstocks below you.

You will come to a T junction in the village. Turn right. Having passed the phone box on your left hand side, head up through the village with a string of houses to your right. Carry on across the village green and Oldhamstocks Cottage is the 2nd to last house on the left hand side just before you get to the Church. The cottage has white steps leading up to a green door. Immediately after the cottage, enter between two stone pillars with white wrought iron gates onto a gravel driveway and turn immediately left into the courtyard behind. The entrance to Oldhamstocks Cottage is via the courtyard at the rear and not from the roadside.

If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will have travelled exactly 2.5 miles (and it will have taken you precisely 5 minutes) since you turned off the A1.

From the North:

Get yourself to the Edinburgh city bypass or Edinburgh city centre and follow signs to the A1 marked southbound towards Berwick upon Tweed. Once you reach the A1 itself, just follow the detailed directions indicated above.

From the South:

Take the A1 northbound from Newcastle and stay on it until you are past the roundabout at Cockburnspath (which is 20 minutes north of Berwick upon Tweed up the A1, across the border and into Scotland). After the Cockburnspath roundabout, travel approximately 2 miles and look out for the single sign to Oldhamstocks (turning to your left, away from the sea) by a small white farm house. If you miss this turning, you'll come to the Torness Power Station on your right hand side, at which point you'll know you've gone too far and that you need to turn around (if you get as far as Dunbar you need to buy some new spectacles). The directions from this turning to Oldhamstocks off the A1 are exactly the same as the detailed ones set out above (ie it is 2.5 miles and 5 minutes to your destination from here).

From the West:

If you're not coming from the North or the South, you must be coming from the West (if you come from the East, you'll be pretty wet by now!).

There is effectively only one way to come from the West (because the Lammermuir Hills are in the way) and the route brings you from main roads such as the A7 and the A68 through the Borders via towns like Hawick, Kelso, Earlston, Melrose, Galashiels, Selkirk and so forth - then more locally via Greenlaw, Duns and Preston and finally over the hills dropping down into Oldhamstocks through beautiful scenery off the moors approaching the village from the South West. If you are coming cross-country from this direction, which is a beautiful drive, you'll need a road map and we suggest you speak to us to make sure you find the right short cuts, as the roads are minor in places and you can easily miss a crucial turning on the way. (It's easy if you know how, and we can tell you how).

By rail

There are 3 principal railway stations that you might use to get to Oldhamstocks. Edinburgh Waverley station is 45 minutes away (38 miles - a long way by taxi) but if you happen to be traveling to Edinburgh and are picking up a hire car there, for instance, you just need to follow the road directions given above.

The two 'local' railway stations however are firstly Dunbar and secondly Berwick upon Tweed.

Dunbar railway station (GNER and Virgin trains) is on the mainline between London and Edinburgh. It's brilliant for getting to Oldhamstocks, but only a few of the trains which pass daily along the East coast line stop at Dunbar. It is the best place to get off in order to reach us, but you need to check very carefully that the train you want actually stops at Dunbar. From Dunbar railway station, which is 8 miles north of Oldhamstocks, it is a comfortable 15 minute drive to get here. You can get to Dunbar direct from Edinburgh by train in 22 minutes.

Berwick upon Tweed railway station (GNER and Virgin trains) is 30 minutes (25 miles) south of Oldhamstocks. It is also on the mainline between London and Edinburgh. The vast majority of the East coast mainline trains stop at Berwick, so it's a fairly safe bet (but check all the same). You can get to Berwick upon Tweed by train direct from London King's Cross in 3.5 hours. Sit on the right hand side of the carriage and enjoy one of Britain's finest rail journeys...

Please see the links under Transport Links for further details of these 3 stations and their connections.

By air

Low cost airlines have made places like Oldhamstocks perfectly accessible for the weekend traveller from afar. Edinburgh Airport is exactly 45 miles (50 minutes) away and does not yet suffer from the congestion that afflicts many of the busier airports in the South-east of England. Generally speaking, it's a pleasure to use.

Newcastle Airport is another good option (but slightly further away) and, like Edinburgh, is big enough to have all the benefits without having any of the hassles.

Glasgow Airport is further still (approximately 90 miles), but also perfectly useful for the international traveller to reach Oldhamstocks.

Please see the links under Transport Links for further details of these 3 airports and their connections.

Whether you are coming to stay with us by road, rail or air, we suggest you print these directions off here and bring them with you to make life as easy as possible.

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